Furniture Disposal

Nothing lasts forever including the furniture!  It is great when you choose new equipment for your kitchen, bigger bed for your bedroom or a comfortable sofa for the leaving room, but then we realize that we have old stuff left and we start to think what to do with the old furniture.

Our experience shows that there are two solutions – either to give them to someone or to throw them away. In either case, you have to find a way to export the old furniture, take them to the dump or drive them to the address you specify.
You should consider to leave the furniture disposal to professional clearance company. They can also dispose of old joinery, doors, white goods, parquet, flooring, linoleum, carpets, clothes, rags, garbage and many other household waste. Everything that you can think about and all you should do is calling them and leave them work.

Most of the clearance companies offer free quote, so if you reach them and ask, they can give you information for the final price of the service in advance.


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